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Biome Brews

Biome Brews

Ever wanted to build a classic gold farm in the overworld, or an ink sac farm in a different spot than where the river is? Well good news for you then! Because now you can. Introducing the Biome Brews. A fun way for you to be able to change a biome in a spot to whatever you want it to be. All you need is a brew with a flavor which suits you most.

Biome Brews come in all sorts of different flavours for every major vanilla biome and the special Terralith flavours will also be added very soon. You can get them by travelling to the outer wilds and looking out for one of the 13 new structures which just have been added. Many of them are inhabited by some friendly foes which are totally trustworthy and totally not want to stash them for themselves because they taste sooo good.

Only players who are at least 15 levels old are allowed to drink a Biome Brew. And remember! Don't drink and glide!


They also seem to be very attracted to the Cauldron which gives off a very sweet smell. Some say it is the source of all Biome Brews. I guess that is why those friendly foes seem to come back every so often to them. They just want more. Just like you! 

And if you're feeling satisfied and stuffed, you can also try to find one of the Protector's Brushes which place a holy frog of protection on the block you brush. It is said that this godly frog will not only protect the area around it from changing a biome but also to strengthen worshippers from time to time which are near it.

To give you a taste (pun intended) of what the heck I am talking about everyone with a mailbox received a Biome Brew Seeker which will grant you a random Biome Brew when used.

Hope all of you explorers will have fun with this new mechanics, items and structures and if you got an suggestions or feedback, I'd be happy to read it!

Posted on November 22, 2023 by NiceRon