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Update #11

A Realm Recrafted July 12, 2024

  • added waxed copper blocks to list of possible beacon base blocks
  • small dripleaves are now placeable on the same blocks as big dripleaves
  • sculk and crying obsidian now also have soul fire instead of normal one when ignited
  • added kelp to list of turtle food
  • added cod & salmon buckets to list of possible cat food
  • removed livestock teleport and replaced it with teleporting of leashed entities (now works with any tp item)
  • (soul-) campfires are now lightable with a fire aspect weapon (As they should be mojang!)
  • renamed /trigger villager_inv to /trigger villager_data
  • added more villager infos to the /trigger villager_data command

Update #10

Cobblemon x Create July 11, 2024

  • updated server mods & Datapacks
  • added server side support for "Do A Barrel Roll" Mod

Update #9

A Realm Recrafted July 10, 2024

  • fixed handyman enchantment not triggering when multiple enchants are on an item
  • added /trigger villager_inv command
  • rebalanced enchantments
  • added Pickpocket, Haste & Curse of Randmoness enchantment
  • redcued radius with which dig site crates will be placed around its center from 32 to 24
  • removed doubled join message
  • putting enchantments from an enchanted item onto a book with a grindstone will destroy the disenchanted item but will no longer cost exp

Update #8

A Realm Recrafted July 9, 2024

  • added recipes for mud and rooted dirt
  • fixed a bug where livestock entities would teleport a bit later to the destination
  • player heads now only drop when killed by a player with a 50% chance
  • added copper wrench
  • updated lists of minable blocks
  • removed elytra nerf

Update #7

A Realm Recrafted July 8, 2024

  • removed region based level system
  • removed healthbars
  • reduced weight of golden keys in fishing loot tables
  • added zombie & skeleton horse to the list of lodestone livestock tp
  • removed villager to illusioner conversion
  • removed spawn poof particles
  • rtp & heritage harbor tp commands are now only available after selecting a heritage

Udpate #6

A Realm Recrafted July 6, 2024

  • removed the percentage probability for automaticon payouts. every automaticon now gives a payout every time
  • added cute lil' messages for automaticons when you give them an item

Update #5

A Realm Recrafted July 5, 2024

  • fixed a bug where items in nitwit quests would not get removed if a full stack was asked for
  • switched world map to squaremap
  • players can now add banners to the world map:
    • Sneaking right-click with a named banner while holding a filled map will add that banner to the world map
    • Sneaking left-click with a named banner while holding a filled map, or breaking the banner, will remove it from the world map.
  • reduced range of gluttony picking up items from 8 to 5
  • reduced range of curse of welfare destroying items from 8 to 3

Update #4

A Realm Recrafted July 4, 2024

  • added Golden Vault to Heritage Harbor which resets every day
  • added Golden Key to more loot tables
  • Lodestone Compasses, Recovery Compasses and Clocks now show coordinates of the respective location in their lore
  • added new Item (including crafting recipe): Lodestone Hub - an item which can be used to store Lodestone Compasses. It's menu can be used to quick travel to the stored locations
  • after livestock got teleported the first time it can now only be teleported again by the player who did it first

Update #3

A Realm Recrafted July 2, 2024

  • fixed bug which made dropped items disappear
  • added livestock tp to compasses
  • added new trigger command - /trigger livestock_compass_tp
  • reduced the amount of additional dropped exp to a more reasonable amount
  • further minor performance improvements
  • added crafting recipe for bamboo out of bamboo blocks
  • added server links to the ESC Menu of the server

Update #2

A Realm Recrafted July 1, 2024

  • added more abilities to custom tools
  • added new custom tools
  • added Heritage Harbor
  • players now get regeneration and saturation effects when sleeping
  • players now regen max health each morning regardless if they have slept
  • improved level scaling
  • improved bossbars
  • fixed goat horn and spectral arrow duping bug
  • fixed minor bugs in Nullscape and Katters Structures

Update #1

A Realm Recrafted June 26, 2024

  • added new items: Weather Device, Rain Weather Token, Clear Weather Token, Daytime Token, Nighttime Token
  • added crafting recipes and loot tables for these new items
  • new crafting recipe for Fabricated Goat Horns
  • nerfed max speed for mobs
  • nerfed max size for mobs
  • added treasure pig pen, celestial watcher temple and amemasu temple maps to village cartographer and rarity mobs loot tables
  • added online world map: http://map.explorerseden.eu/

Server Launch

A Realm Recrafted June 24, 2024

Blasted the doors open for everyone to join and have fun. =)

Update Log #5

Cobblemon x Create March 28, 2024

  • added cobblemon iron recipe

Update Log #4

Cobblemon x Create March 21, 2024

  • added Macaw's Bridges and Shulker+ mods to the modpack and server
  • added Pigeon's Poke Pack to the modpack and server
  • added create crafting recipe: Medicinal Brew from mixing a Medicinal Leek with a glass bottle in a heated and with water filled basin¬†

Update Log #3

Cobblemon x Create March 14, 2024

  • added zinc nugget recipe with gold nugget instead of experience nugget