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Replacing the old and boring Land Farms the Automaticons arrived at Explorer's Eden and are here to stay.

Automaticons are little helpers which will help you farm ressources for your building projects. No matter if you want to farm stone, chicken, or redstone - with 205 different Automaticons to collect, there is at least one for every type of player out there. They can either be found in the loot chests of three newly added structures and in the also freshly added new cherry wood village made by Katter, as a new trade for the wandering trader, or in the mythical Eden Treasures. Making them a reward for players who like to explore the world of Explorer's Eden.

Once you found one of the new little friends, simply place him down and it will start farming the item it is holding in it's offhand and which is stated in the Nametag. They can be taken down again by simply punching it in the empty space between the nametag and the head. The player who breaks it gets an item to set it up again.

Heads of Automaticons can be swapped with another one. Every other slot is locked.

If you want to read up on which types of Automaticons are available, you can do so in the new wiki entry.

Posted on January 31, 2024 by NiceRon