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'Tis The Season

'Tis The Season

Minecraft Jolly Season Extravaganza! Unwrap Daily Delights and Discover Festive Treasures!

As pixelated snowflakes gently fall from the cubic skies and the world of Minecraft transforms into a winter wonderland, it can mean only one thing: the Jolly Season has arrived in the blocky realm and we're gonna celebrate it accordingly.


🎅 Daily Advent Crates:

Step into the pixelated enchantment of the Minecraft Jolly Season Event, where each day brings a new adventure and surprises! Throughout this festive extravaganza, players are greeted with the opportunity to collect a special Advent Crate every day, filled with pixelated wonders and seasonal delights. To get your daily Advent Crate, simply talk to the elf located on the freshly added advent island at spawn.


🏰 Festival Structures:

Explore the pixelated landscapes and stumble upon enchanting Festival Structures scattered across snowy and cold biomes. These festive havens are adorned with twinkling lights, tinsel, and holiday decorations. Venture inside to discover hidden loot chests containing exclusive Jolly Season items


🎄 Miniature Santas and Festive Tools:

Embark on a quest to find and collect Miniature Santas located in the freshly added structures as well as both mazes on the games server. Trade six of these these festive fellows with Santa on Advent Island to obtain unique Festive Tools. Those cheerful looking tools were forged on the north pole by the best elves you can think of. 


🎂 Christmas Food Items:

As the Jolly Season takes hold of Minecraft, the landscape transforms not only in appearance but also in flavors. Ten new food items have been added to spice up your eeating habits. From delightful gingerbread men over candy canes to candied apples those tasty treats will not only fill your tummy but also give you a small and random buff which will help you throughout your journey. You can find them in the same spots as the Miniature Santas.


May your holiday season be filled with joy, laughter, and fantastic moments in both the real and virtual worlds. Whether you're building festive structures, exploring snowy landscapes, or simply enjoying the company of friends and family, may your Minecraft journey continue to be as exciting and rewarding as ever.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday and another year filled with endless possibilities and new discoveries in the blocky worlds of Explorer's Eden! 🎄⛏️🌟

Posted on November 30, 2023 by NiceRon