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Pet Effects Overhaul

Pet Effects Overhaul

Your cute and beloved companions just got a major overhaul!

We got rid of the old, clunky and dusted pet effects and now have a brand new system which is more flexible and easy to understand. 

Equipping a pet on the survival server now makes it charge up over time. Once a pet is fully charged you can pick and choose at anytime one of the thirteen new pet effects from the menu. Pets will only charge up when you are not currently afk. 

The current status of the charge is shown in the Eden-Hud. 


Once it reaches 100% you can choose from one of thirteen effects from the new pet effects menu, which can be either opened in the pets tab of the /menu or by using the new /pet_effects command. Simply click on the effect you want to activate to get going. Activating an effect will reset the charge of your pets.

I really hope you love this new system as much as I do and feel free to suggest new effects if you got any ideas.

Posted on December 14, 2023 by NiceRon